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Jute cord

For many seasons, jute cord has been leading the way when it comes to decorative accessories. It is valued primarily because it is very versatile. With jute twine you can make a tire puff, finish cardboard boxes turning them into baskets for the bathroom, decorate candles, or use instead of a decorative ribbon to wrap gifts. From such string you can successfully weave nets for hanging flower pots. We encourage you to purchase twine with a roll: 20 m, 55 m and 120 m. Jute twine in contrast to the nylon twine will not damage the plants tied up. Florists use jute cord to create bouquets and bouquets. It also works well for art and decorative works for children, for art classes. And at home? Who of us did not need a piece of decent string? The biggest advantage of jute c ords, however, is that they are made of natural materials and, unlike many nylon products, do not weaken in the sun.

Jute cord

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