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Twine, moulin, raffia, ribbons, lace, strings

Yarn, moulin, raffia, ribbon, lace, strings are accessories that cannot be missing in your home! Go wild and create a small haberdashery corner in the comfort of your apartment. You can never have too much of this! Individually and in sets! Colorful, pastel, occasional - whatever you desire - you can buy from us! With raffia you can decorate a bouquet of fresh flowers or use it to decorate baubles and styrofoam eggs, greeting cards, invitations. They will prove indispensable in floristry. You can use them to mark plants in the spring, or make a fancy decoration for a bundle of mistletoe for Christmas, to decorate an Easter basket, or a laurel for mom. If needed, our Ribbons and Lace will be a great addition to your child's art projects at school. There are so many uses and possibilities. This unique string is suitable for gift wrapping and for creating Christmas decorations and reeds. Take a look at the promotions!

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