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Color paper and cardboard

In this category you will find color paper for laser and inkjet printers, in A3 and A4 formats, in weights from 80 go 350 gsm. Color sheets can be used for various artistic techniques, work with children. Thanks to the variety of colors - this paper is a great base for creating origami, it can also be used for quilling, cut-outs and other art works. Our colored papers are dyed in the mass, after cutting the center of the paper is also dyed - and not white - as is the case with painted papers. Our papers are non-toxic - so even children and people with allergies can use them without any problems, and they are safe for the environment. A ream of colored paper 80g available in 100 or 500 sheets, 120g by 100ark. Higher grammages are offered in packs of 50ark.
Weights :
80 g/m2 - this is the grammage of standard paper used for printers
120 g/m2 - paper of this thickness is used for invitations or corporate letters is a little thicker than ordinary paper for printers but it is not a technical paper
160 g/m2 - this is a thicker paper used for printing this is a thicker paper used for the production of technical blocks
200 g/m2 - paper, or rather cardboard, is also used for the production of technical blocks, but it is already stiffer than 160 g/m2
220 g/m2 - similar to 200 g/m2
240 g/m2 - cardboard often used for printing business cards , diplomas ,
270 g/m2 - very stiff cardboard

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