Felt, due to its versatile use, is very popular. In our offer we have ordinary and self-adhesive felt. We have an interesting range of colors - in addition to primary colors there are also pastel colors. Felt in decoration is used to create head ornaments such as headbands, clips, hats, garlands and jewelry. Thanks to its lightness, it does not weigh down the ears or neck, and its soft texture gives an original and cozy expression. Thanks to its protective properties, it is gladly used to create cases for smartphones, laptops or tablets. It can also be used to make a handbag, slippers and other clothing items. An interesting option is to sew puppets or mascots. In the creative-do-it-yourself section, we have ready-made sewing molds with needle holes and a plastic needle included. This is a great item for little seamstresses who are just learning to sew. In the tab: stickers you will also find felt stickers, and in the felt tab - ready-made felt shapes like: hearts, animals, flowers, leaves, etc. Get to work!

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